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Provides technical and aesthetic development of informational, financial, and multimedia Kiosks



TK Kiosk integrates the ability to exchange, share, and manage data/multimedia support in telecommunications, enhanced by an interactive data center. We lead the way in innovative, multi-function technology and hardware with focuses on strength, security, and safety. TK Kiosk’s business approach is driven by quality, innovation, and customization in order to optimize our clients’ business solutions.

TK Kiosk Inc.


Support all stages of development including technical, commercial, marketing, and implementation.

TK Kiosk Inc.


Anticipate market demands and provide an educated approach to high-risk, challenging circumstances.

TK Kiosk Inc.


Provide the best-suited technologies, materials and software based on thorough product analysis and market research.



Multi Services Kiosk

The Kiosk, a highly customizable, carbon-fiber based point of interaction, is capable of delivering a variety of services depending on market demands:




Structural Carbon Fiber

With a strong material-to-weight ratio, carbon fiber has the advantage of longevity since it does not wear down, bend, or corrode over time. Carbon fiber is commonly used in industrial fields, but is still fairly unknown to the general public in structural and aesthetic forms. Carbon fiber makes up 60% of the Kiosk’s structure.

Stainless Steel

Iron, the most commonly used steel, easily oxidizes. This process results in rust, which causes the material to dissolve and/or crumble after contact with moisture. To stop this effect, a layer of chromium is added to protect the core matter. The material is then non-oxidizing, making it stainless steel. The interior architecture of the Kiosk is made up entirely of stainless steel, which is ideal for securing the sensitive components.



TK Kiosk has a valuable partnership with TK Systems, which ensures security for the Kiosk software. TK Systems provides a web platform that allows complete traceability during the life cycle of the Kiosk. TK Systems also provides a secure access point for TK Kiosk partners; this access point enables partners to pull or push information from one or more Kiosks.


Production : ISO 16949, ISO 10618:2004 - 11566:1996 - 11567:1995,

Composants : UL 60950-1, IEC 60950-1 :2005, TUV, ISO/IEC7816, VDE 0580, XFS 2.0-3, RoHS

Compliant EC, GB4943-2001, GB9254-1998, EN55022 Class B, FCC Class B


Colored Fibers

The Kiosk can be customized and equipped with any type of colored fiberglass, either in whole or in partial composition with the standard carbon fiber. This allows the Kiosk to aesthetically optimize its environment.


Various other finishes are available, such as fiberglass, kevlar, metal fiber, natural fiber, or an aluminum alloy. Final rendering can either be subdued, brightly colored, matte, or polished, depending on the manufacturing process used.

The Kiosk was originally designed to be finished in carbon and glass fiber, but has evolved according to market needs, technical characteristics, industrialization capacities, and the surrounding environment.



TK Kiosk collaborates with industry partners located in various countries around the world. Depending on certain criteria, such as production volumes or production restrictions, Kiosk manufacturing locations can be implemented in the target market's geographical location.

Parts & Equipment

TK Kiosk works with world-renowned, certified manufacturers and suppliers to ensure quality and performance. All equipment used exceeds expectations in every aspect of production and all parts have been adapted to meet the high-level standards of TK Kiosk.


This is one of the most crucial steps in the life of a product for maximum operability. TK Kiosk has partnered with established companies that provide local services through their presence in multiple countries. They have a thorough knowledge of TK Kiosk products, which leads to professional and efficient services.



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